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Incorporated on November 25th, 2020, MyLead FinTech Private Limited is a new-age open banking structure that caters to the growing needs of our community and an aspirational India, serving both individual & business clients. Since its inception, we are committed to serve as a positive change agent catering to the financial needs of our community. We are driven by our passion to create India’s first ‘True’ Assisted transaction platform which would act as a bridge between millions of Indians and the organized financial system.

Through our mobile application ‘FinoBuddy’, we provide various financial and non-financial solutions through our intermediaries and our flagship products. Our goal is to ensure, we reach out to everyone to meet their end financial needs in fastest, safest and most economical way. We believe that, a successful organization is built on four pillars: Principles, People, Policies and Profit. For us, each of these are equally important. We are committed to every stakeholder to ensure our approach rightly highlights our Business Philosophy.


Digital Edge, Proper Knowledge and True Assistance – combination of these make the Financial Decision easy for everyone. At MyLead, we ensure the best technological platform that delivers the required financial solution backed by all information and human assistance. Our Clients can experience the best combination of contemporary Digital and conventional Human Assistance irrespective of any solution they want to opt for.  We understand that when we add value to our customers, we assist them to discover their true potential which can give them ‘Lead’ in life.

    1. From a single product solution to lifetime value transformation
    2. Providing value to essential needs of life,  from financial to non-financial, from healthcare to lifestyle and much more
    3. Innovative and digital cutting-edge solutions to meet your specific need
    4. Business and individual needs met under one platform
  1. Extensive partnerships with multiple market service providers
  2. Variety of propositions to meet business and individual needs
  3. Scalability approach to meet individual and business priorities
  4. Transparency in process & cost

For Customers:

  1. Increased financial solutions to meet your short-term and long-term financial requirements
  2. Plethora of solutions to choose from
  3. Proposition minimizing unnoticed financial leakages
  4. Informed decision-making

For Business Associates:

  1. Women empowerment
  2. Increased revenue
  3. Varied propositions to market
  4. Increased opportunities to network

Comprehensive and customized LEAD training program for college students to become new-age NEO bankers

Placements for those who have successfully completed the LEAD training program

Transformational training program for Business Associates to become new-age Opinion Leaders in providing meaningful solutions to our customers

Mobile-friendly digital experience

Secured digital channel

Development of Analytics based scorecard to provide customers with better decision-making capabilities


FinoBuddy app is a product of MyLead FinTech which assists its users like a true Companion to cater to all the essential needs of Life from Health to Wealth, in the areas of Health, Education, Investment/Security, Credit and Lifestyle.

Our App + Business Associates are always available in assisting you to make the right choice from a wide array of services and products, leading to your holistic financial growth.

As a service provider of multiple solutions, FinoBuddy not only ensures financial empowerment but envisages fulfilling future essential needs like education, health care and many more to provide greater edge, stability, security, and well-being for the future of an individual and the community and move them to the next level of comfort in Life.

FinoBuddy app is a product of MyLead FinTech and is a new-age NEO Bank that not only provides banking solutions but also provides multiple propositions beyond banking – each of which stitches various products to seamlessly deliver unique and innovative solutions to our users on this journey called Life. These propositions ensure a stable present and a sustainable future for our users. User will be able to experience unique and customized solutions backed by Cutting-edge, proprietary need analysis model. This is the key differentiator.

CAREERS Let’s make dreams come true!

Life at MyLead FinTech is all about walking the right path. Be it a big decision with far-reaching ramifications or a simple solution to an everyday problem, we believe in being right and doing right. Our culture will give you ample freedom to explore possibilities beyond your finite role. In short, you have come to the right place.



If you have any queries regarding our products and services, call or write to us at: